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Total earnings by organization

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Organization Total Organization Earnings
University of Maryland $1,936,803,000
Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services $532,399,000
Department of Transportation $455,398,000
Maryland Department of Health $449,449,000
State Universities and Colleges $354,687,000
Department of Human Services $284,657,000
Judiciary $216,968,000
Department of State Police $185,066,000
Department of Juvenile Services $98,929,000
State Department of Education $77,548,000
Morgan State University $77,340,000
Department of Natural Resources $75,682,000
Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation $72,698,000
Office of the Public Defender $53,559,000
Department of the Environment $51,974,000
Comptroller of Maryland $51,765,000
General Assembly of Maryland $45,491,000
Department of General Services $28,089,000
Department of Assessments and Taxation $25,051,000
Department Housing and Community Development $23,153,000
St. Mary's College of Maryland $23,000,000
Baltimore City Community College $22,795,000
Office of the Attorney General $18,584,000
Department of Budget and Management $18,575,000
Maryland School for the Deaf $17,621,000
State Lottery Agency $17,092,000
Department of Agriculture $16,929,000
Register of Wills $15,463,000
Insurance Administration $15,131,000
Executive Department $14,412,000
Department of Information Technology $13,556,000
Department of Commerce $13,449,000
State Retirement Agency $12,643,000
Military Department $12,445,000
State Board of Elections $11,429,000
Maryland Stadium Authority $8,775,000
Public Service Commission $8,727,000
Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission $8,288,000
Office of Administrative Hearings $7,908,000
Office of Planning $7,472,000
Workers' Compensation Commision $6,265,000
Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems $5,698,000
Health Benefit Exchange $4,511,000
State Treasurer $3,766,000
State Archives $3,630,000
Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs $3,556,000
Maryland Higher Education Commission $3,460,000
State Energy Administration $2,181,000
Office on Aging $1,944,000
Maryland Commission On Civil Rights $1,702,000
Secretary of State $1,607,000
Historic St. Mary's City Commission $1,457,000
Office of People's Counsel $1,417,000
Subsequent Injury Fund $1,268,000
Department of Environment $1,150,000
Maryland Food Center Authority $1,126,000
Maryland African American Museum $1,077,000
Maryland 529 $942,000
Maryland Uninsured Employers' Fund $876,000
Office of State Prosecutor $819,000
Maryland Teachers and State Employees Supplemental Retirement Plans $814,000
Board of Public Works $708,000
Governor's Office for Children $666,000
Property Tax Assessment Appeals Boards $493,000
Maryland Tax Court $374,000
Maryland State Library Agency $242,000
Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority $157,000
Maryland State Department of Education $122,000
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