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Highest paid in organization

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Organization First Name Last Name Gross Yearly Earnings
University of Maryland MARK TURGEON $2,720,000
Morgan State University DAVID WILSON $467,000
Maryland Department of Health SHERRI PASSARELL $459,000
State Universities and Colleges JANET DUDLEY-ESHBACH $441,000
State Retirement Agency ANDREW PALMER $375,000
St. Mary's College of Maryland TUAJUANDA JORDAN $361,000
Baltimore City Community College GORDON MAY $345,000
Department of Transportation DENITA WALLACE $310,000
Maryland Stadium Authority MICHAEL FRENZ $300,000
Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems RICHARD ALCORTA $265,000
Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission LARRY UNGER $250,000
Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services SHARON BAUCOM $242,000
State Department of Education KAREN SALMON $235,000
Department of State Police DONALD ALVES $226,000
General Assembly of Maryland WARREN DESCHENAUX $220,000
Department of Juvenile Services JENNIFER MAEHR $218,000
Judiciary MARYELLEN BARBERA $203,000
Insurance Administration ARTHUR ESPOSITO $182,000
Maryland Food Center Authority DONALD DARNALL $181,000
Department of Budget and Management DAVID BRINKLEY $177,000
State Lottery Agency GORDON MEDENICA $177,000
Department of Commerce ROBERT GILL $176,000
Comptroller of Maryland LEONARD FOXWELL $175,000
Executive Department LAWRENCE HOGAN $174,000
Public Service Commission WALTER HUGHES $168,000
Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation KELLY SCHULZ $165,000
Health Benefit Exchange MICHELE EBERLE $164,000
Department of Natural Resources MARK BELTON $162,000
Maryland Higher Education Commission JAMES FIELDER $160,000
Department of Environment BENJAMIN GRUMBLES $158,000
Department Housing and Community Development KENNETH HOLT $156,000
Department of Assessments and Taxation DANIEL PUMA $155,000
Historic St. Mary's City Commission REGINA FADEN $154,000
Office of State Prosecutor EMMET DAVITT $154,000
Office of the Public Defender PAUL DEWOLFE $154,000
Military Department RUSSELL STRICKLAND $153,000
Office of the Attorney General ELIZABETH HARRIS $153,000
State Treasurer BERNADETTE BENIK $153,000
Maryland African American Museum WANDA DRAPER $150,000
Department of Human Services LOURDES PADILLA $147,000
Department of General Services ELLINGTON CHURCHILL $146,000
Department of Agriculture ANDREW BARTENFELDER $143,000
Workers' Compensation Commision KARL AUMANN $143,000
State Energy Administration MARYBETH TUNG $141,000
Office of Administrative Hearings THOMAS DEWBERRY $138,000
Department of Information Technology ALBERT BULLOCK $137,000
Office on Aging RONA KRAMER $137,000
Department of the Environment ANDREA BAKER $134,000
Governor's Office for Children ARLENE LEE $132,000
Maryland School for the Deaf JAMES TUCKER $132,000
State Archives TIMOTHY BAKER $132,000
State Board of Elections LINDA LAMONE $132,000
Board of Public Works SHEILA MCDONALD $126,000
Maryland Commission On Civil Rights GLENDORA HUGHES $126,000
Subsequent Injury Fund SOPHIA SWOPE $126,000
Office of People's Counsel THERESA CZARSKI $123,000
Maryland 529 LAUREN SHIPLEY $122,000
Office of Planning PAUL CUCUZZELLA $119,000
Maryland Teachers and State Employees Supplemental Retirement Plans MICHAEL HALPIN $118,000
Maryland Uninsured Employers' Fund MICHAEL BURNS $115,000
Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs GEORGE OWINGS $114,000
Register of Wills BELINDA CONAWAY $114,000
Maryland Tax Court JOHN HEARN $103,000
Secretary of State JOHN WOBENSMITH $102,000
Property Tax Assessment Appeals Boards KENT FINKELSEN $91,000
Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority DEIDRA RITCHIE $73,000
State Board of Contract Appeals MICHAEL COLLINS $72,000
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