2014 Maryland state salaries

Baltimore Sun Public Salary Records

First Name ROBERT
Middle Initial J
Last Name AARON
Suffix III
System RG
Organization Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Agency code 321207
Class code 4003
Pay rate A
Gross Yearly Earnings $30,000
Base salary $26,000
Regular earnings $26,000
Overtime $4,000
Other earnings $1,000
Termination date  


In system, RG, UM, and CT signify pay types for regular, University of Maryland, and contract workers, respectively.

For the meaning of agency and classification codes see the Maryland Department of Budget and Management website.

The salary/pay scale refers to either an hourly rate (H), daily rate (D), or certified annual salary (A). In certain situations, state data did not include rates of pay or payout numbers for certain hourly workers.

“Gross yearly earnings” reflects compensation before any pre-tax deductions are removed.

Termination date is the date that an employee was last terminated. In certain cases, an employee may be rehired after initial termination, resulting in an active employee with a recorded termination date.

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